So i suppose that you’re the best at what you do-

And i suppose your teenage daughter loves you, too!

And i suppose she couldn’t feel..

oh…the slightest bit off keel?

Since you know you cop a feel

And that is TRUE.


Yeah man- I fucking know man-

Who you are.

Cuz i remember riding with you in your car…

You were my boss, but not yet paid me

When i was a cleaning lady-

And you touched my leg when we were driving far.


You piece of shit, I curse you-

And your archetype!

Cuz my gut feelings always overrate the Hype.

Your dreadlocked head don’t give you cred

when you say you share your bed

with your own teenage daughter, I SAID!


I mean what the fuck, yuck!

Get a real ass job and go make a buck-

Buy a real ass place with a real ass room

So the poor girl kid can have a chance to bloom

Don’t own your place, then have a space-

So this woman-child has to be all up in your face…

And worse? you in hers, didya ever think?

that maybe your old ass man breath stinks?

That maybe you’re more of a creep than an artist?


Oh yeah dude, I went there, i got that shit started-

Because I’m an Auntie-

And you’re NOT OK-

So when I see-

I’m gonna say.


So pluck your strings, and save the world.

Me? I’m here- to speak up for the Girl.





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