Chance, muons, musiks.

I believe in a lot of things

Like horoscopes and constellations,

I believe that Allah turns an ear to you

During summer dances in the rain


I believe in ghostly spirits,

I believe in the Force and Chi,

I believe in Feng-Shui and in not eating too much meat.


I believe in massage therapy,

In the power of water

I believe that sometimes I can read the minds of animals and babies


I believe in the color green

I believe that trees have broken hearts

And that’s why they cry at nightfall when they think no one is listening.


I believe in the power of touch.

I believe in serendipity,

I believe our universe is expanding

And that somewhere, in that great expanse

There is another me


I believe in cheesy fries and ice cold beer

I believe in Mont Blanc

I believe in my sense of smell,

I believe in myself, in doing as I wish


I believe in bug charmers,

In the “grand scheme of things”,

In manifest karma, ESP, 11:11, and even 12:12 now that I’ve met C

I believe in goodnight moon and the perfect backscratch,

I believe in non-verbal communication

In coffee and spliffs.


Muons and Musiks.


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